That wig you're wearing with the Phantom of the Opera OP is fantastic! Where did you get it?

It is a very very old wig from GLW. I’m not sure if they sell it anymore!

asked by ohdearolive
I went to Supanova Gold Coast today and I finally wore my Krad Lanrete Phantom of the Opera OP.
It’s so silky! Sorry about the wig! I meant to cut the fried ends but had no time~
OP: Krad Lanrete
Rest: Other taobao/offbrand.
I bought myself Lotta for my birthday, sorry for the very quick snap, I was already late!
Shirt, Skirt : Innocent World
Rest: Offbrand
Outfit to get tea with friends!
JSK: Innocent World
Parasol: BTSSB
Rest is offbrand
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Sketch of a girl wearing a Vierge Vampur dress I want desperately.. And a giant spoon!
First sketch from 2014!